You want a little heaven on earth, have a facial. I had one recently with esthetician Audrey Thompson at Mahala’s Day Spa at their Manchester location. First of all, Mahala’s Day Spa is just a wonderful, beautiful and super relaxing location. A nice facial will make smile for days.

Before Audrey was in the room I was already happy with the most comfortable treatment table …I could have gone to sleep right there. Then she started doing all the ‘facial things’, the steaming, the treatments that get applied, the hot towels, the massaging and in my case, the giggles. Audrey found out I am kinda ticklish. As she applied some of the facial treatments, I would giggle. Audrey just giggled along with me and kept working! LOVE IT!

But then she made my day with an arm and hand massage. I had spent the weekend doing yard work and all those tiny muscles in my hands were sore, that that was bliss.
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