Over the years, self service is creeping more and more into our lives. First, gas fill-ups and ATMs, then came the EZ pass, grocery self checkout and now DVD vending machine rentals and online shopping. Do you buy a lot online? Are we losing something here aside from a few jobs like our ability to communicate face-to-face?

Will our social skills be totally wiped out by 2020? I use the self checkout if there is no line and ATMs, fill my own gas and hit a Redbox for a movie from time to time, but I'm just curious what you think, are we as a society getting too emotionally distant.

I prefer a real person when it comes to a larger purchase, such as airline or concert tickets. I rarely buy stuff on-line because I like to see and touch stuff before buying.

I could even go further and discuss smart phone use, but I'll stay on subject. Do you use self checkouts or go through a line with a cashier, etc or do you like face-to-face contact?