My little furbaby, ShadowDog, was a sick guy yesterday.  He spent the morning throwing up all over our house and the yard. Well, throwing up and ‘other’ things.  It is hard with pets, they can’t tell you anything; you can only depend on your observations and gut reaction on the question of ‘is this an emergency?’ Well, the video I watch on pet emergencies said first of all I should not try and diagnose my pet from a video (well played, Internet) and second, one major indicator we have moved to the next level is blood in the vomit or stool. Well, by noon there was a little blood. So, ShadowDog and I were off to see how the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine works, or as most people know it ‘that emergency vet place in Lewiston.’

Like all ER’s, this NOT a place you go for regular medical care. And of course I arrived a bit of a busy time. There had been a dog with a hurt paw (I can deal with that), a cat who was ill and the owners were saying good bye that afternoon (Ok, now I am getting a little emotional and weepy) and there was a hit and run on a dog. The dog did not make it. (AGH, CRYING!) So, I was there fifteen minutes and was an emotional wreck for the pain of these other pet families.

After all of that I was thankful to be in our little exam room.  Shadow had blood work, a bunch of x-rays and a whole lot of lovin’ from the staff who seemed rather charmed by my sick little guy.  In the end, they found he is going to be ok.  He had an inflamed digestive system and a little infection. They gave him fluids under his skin to help with his dehydration and a gentle diet for a few days. He gets to have my special home cookin’…that is he is eating baby food for the next few days. All of that along with some med to treat the vomiting and infection and he is on the mend.

I am very thankful for the staff at  ‘that emergency vet place in Lewiston' aka Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine. I hope we do not ever need to meet again.