Frank Berenyi opened Shenanigans in downtown Augusta a year ago. Having owned and operated several clubs over the past ten or fifteen years, he knows when he has a winner. Shenanigans is, clearly, a winner!

From chem free nights, 18+ nights, 21+ nights and country nights, everything seems to click. The word gets out and people droves!

Last night was the one-year anniversary for the club and one of Shenanigans favorites, and my personal favorite, Matt James, was spinning the tunes. Matty's knack for flawlessly mixing beats and loops amazes me. It's beyond me. He has the coordination and skill of a drummer, who has to master multiple different tasks with individual hands and feet. In fact, Matt was a drummer briefly and his ability, even at a young age, left me mesmerized, if not a bit jealous. Although he doesn't need his feet to beat mix, it's clear he could use a couple extra hands but, amazingly, he makes do with the two he has! Whatever he likes to do he excels at. He's great at the club, a very good truck driver (big rig, 18-wheeler, 10-4 good buddy) and one of the best and most natural on-air radio talents I've ever met.

I hope he doesn't read this...he won't be able to get his head into his truck tomorrow :-) .

Anyway, this started to be about Shenanigans and, so, it will end that way!

Here I am rockin' it hardcore!

Frank Berenyi had introduced a great club to Augusta that people seem to love and one that has a good reputation! Last night was a lot of fun as I got to broadcast with my son (billed as "the James boys"), hang out with Frank and the great crew he has and associate with people I love and respect, "Ridin' Steel, Bikers Against Bullying." Proceeds from the $2 cover and a percentage of the bar went to the group.

Thanks for having me and 92 Moose and LONG LIVE SHENANIGAN'S!!

With Ridin' Steel's Sherry Bourgoin and Brent Crisci