Kennebec County Sheriff Randy Liberty stopped in to encourage all of us to attend a veteran's fundraiser on Saturday, February 23rd, at the Waterville Elk's Lodge.

The Sheriff's Salute to Vateran's begins at 5:30. The following is the text of Sheriff Liberty's letter about the event:

I hope that this letter finds you well. The Kennebec County Sheriff s Office recognizes that our nation has been engaged in the Global War on Terror for more than eleven years. As our Soldiers returned from Iraq and now Afghanistan, they bring with them the life-altering wounds and heartache that only fellow brothers-in arms and families can understand. Often, the physical and psychological scars of war can affect Veterans for many years. As part of this recognition, we have partnered with the House in the Woods Foundation and the Waterville Elks Lodge to assist Veterans with their transition.  The House in the Woods Foundation provides recreational activities for Veterans and their families. Last year events included: Bear, Moose and Deer hunts, fishing trips to the Great Lakes and Ice Fishing. All of these activities are provided free of charge and allow a venue for Veterans and families to fellowship and bond.

The evening's activities include dinner, a presentation by Paul House, father of fallen Soldier Joel House , and a musical tribute by Rich Cutliffe. As part of this event there will be an auction, conducted by auctioneer, John Perry. Proceeds from this event *,ill be donated to the House in the Woods Foundation, the 488th Military Police Company of Waterville (currently in Afghanistan) and the 133'd Engineer Battalion (deploying in the summer). A family retreat for the Veterans is planned for June, at the Pine Tree Camp, in Rome. Proceeds from this event will aid in the funding of this project.

I would ask if there might be a way for you to help this worthy cause. Any donation, whether fiscal, an auction item, or another form of contribution, would be greatly appreciated. This event will be a wonderful tribute and recognition of our Veterans. I hope that you will be able to participate in this important and meaningful initiative.

Hopefully you'll be able to attend this event, if for no other reason, to tell our veterans, "thank you for your service.

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