Saturday morning Mike Gagne texts me, "What's Jonny up to today?" That's code for "let's do something." I was all over it in 10 seconds and, what with Kids Day in Capital Park canceled because of the weather, I had no plans. I dropped the Jeep off with the boys at Stratham Tire in Augusta for an oil change and tire rotation, where Mike picked me up, and we were Cabela's bound (again)!

We seem to make this trip quite frequently but, this time, we were as focused on fashion as we were on ammo. I knew Marie Anne would be so proud of me when I came home with a pair of sneakers I picked out myself, just like a big boy! I even picked out some sexy shorts with lots of pockets for frogs and lures and rocks and things. There I was, clothes shopping! I was LOVING it! Mike didn’t even say, “you’d better go try those on to make sure they fit.” Marie Anne likes to be sure things are the right size before we check out. Not Mike and me! If the clothes don’t fit, what’s the worst that can happen? Right, we have to go back to Cabela’s!

Of course, we also got some ammo (which has been tough to find). Cabela's had no shortage of it and it was at a fair price. Granted, not as cheap as Wal*Mart, but good luck finding what you want there. I'm told the same people line up at the store (Wal*Mart) day in and day out for the 6AM open and buy it up. They may be doomsdayers or they may be re-selling it online for a profit (illegally, I suspect). Oh yeah, and I got a two pound can of honey roasted peanuts. Not sure how those got into my basket.

Notice I also got a sweet multi-tool. That's for Marie Anne. Great to have if you ever need a screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener or other accessory. The key is, remembering where you put it for emergencies. I have no idea where mine is.

With Dawn (left) and Jackie

Lunch at Famous Dave's (a tradition for Mike and me) and drinks with Jackie at Rooster's when we got back to Augusta rounded out the day. If you know Jackie, who's the general manager of the restaurant, ask her about how I messed with her via text before we arrived. Suffice it to say that I texted her telling her we were talking about her as we had lunch. I quickly figured out I wasn't in her address book so she had no idea who was sending messages. Hilarity ensued (overstatement)!

Upon arriving home, I spent the next 2 hours pushing a lawnmower around and the humidity was horrible but I won't complain....much. Stupidly, I kept my nice, tan, LONG Cabela's pants on and indelibly stained them with grass. I loved those pants. You know what THAT means, right? Boooyah!!!! Road trip!

Today, the sun's out and the pool's green. After a brief pause to memorialize the weekend with this post, it's back out to do some pool vacuuming and plinking.

Oh, wait....I hear Evan calling! "Peepee....the pool's green!"

Okay, Evan!!

Gotta go...see you on the radio :-)