How heart breaking?   There was a shooting near the Empire State Building this morning.  A man, who was laid off from a job about a year ago, went back to his workplace, shot a former co-worker, killing him.  Then the shooter ended up in a shootout with NYPD. The shooter died, and I understand nine people were hurt but are expected to recover.

I find these stories so sad.  It is very easy to be shocked and upset when something so senseless happens.  I find myself trying to step back and say “what was going on with this person?”, “how much pain must they have been in?”  It is easy to understand why I am shocked by something.  I am not sure what it says about ME, but I want to try and see the “reasoning” of why that person did that, or did this?  It does not mean I support their actions, but to understand these things, and maybe prevent tragedy in the future, don’t we have to understand their point of view?