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Amazing Hidden Rooms + Secret Furniture
Check out this amazing video I found that shows hidden rooms and furniture right in plain view! My wife won't be happy now... I have all kinds of ideas!
Great Job Central Church!
If you're a church-goer like me, then you were most likely out and about this Sunday attending an Easter Service at your church this weekend
Gavin Meets The Easter Bunny!
Evan, my oldest, has met the rascally rabbit a time or two, but was still excited to get into a photo with us.
Would You Buy This For Your Kid?
Nothing like the sting of Pantene Pro V direct to the retina to put some hair on your chest. Would you buy this things?
Matt's 'Roseanne' Video Review
If you grew up watching 'Roseanne' then you will most-likely love the reboot. If you did NOT grow up watching 'Roseanne' then just forget it and don't waste your time because you have to understand the characters and how they all work together.