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Best of MMS: Brett Kavanaugh Delivers Eulogy?
William Coors, one of the founding fathers of beer as we know it has died. Who better to provide a somber service of remembrance than Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh?
I'm Already Regretting This
Well, if you can't tell from the photo you saw before you clicked in to read this- I shaved my face!
Fails of the Week: 10-8-18
It's been awhile since I've tossed one of these videos up, but rest assured it's not because people have stopped failing.
Brittany Rose Paddles a Pumpkin!
It's a longstanding tradition in this coastal Maine town that each fall they celebrate giant pumpkins by decorating them, catapulting them and racing them around the river.
Best Of MMS: Susan Collins on SNL?!
this gem from their 10-6-18 broadcast which depicts Republican Senators partying in the locker room after the 50-48 confirmation vote
Last Boating Trip of the Year
It's always a sad day when you know you're taking the last boat trip of the season before the ol' vessel gets tucked away into storage
Best of MMS: Magic Mushrooms
Of course the Moose Morning Show got a hold of the first prescription drug commercial for these new 'magic mushrooms'.
Best of MMS: Celebrity Apology, Selfies Kill
We have a lot of fun on the Moose Morning Show and one of our favorite weekly visitors is Morgan Freeman with his weekly 'celebrity apology'. Take a listen to his most recent regret, selfies.
Best of MMS: Drunk Trump
Donald Trump says he has never had so much as a beer in his life! Can you imagine what it would be like if he did?