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Bob Marley's 'Moose Marley Minutes'
Comedian Bob Marley joins us every Thursday morning, then again Saturday morning and Sunday night, during the "Best of the Moose Morning Show."
MMS Tweets of the Week
Every day around 7:50am on the Moose Morning Show, we share some of our favorite tweets. Laugh along with our accumulation of the best of this week!
Dad Parody: Michael Jackson's 'Bad'
Our favorite mom, Deva Dalporto from MyLifeSuckers.com, is back, this time with a twist. Enjoy her family friends doing a song, just in time for Father's Day!
Proper Flag Etiquette: Flag Day, June 14
Thursday, June 14, is National Flag Day. It's a day that commemorates the adoption of the U.S. Flag back in 1777.
As you fly your flag proudly, here are some helpful reminders from USflag.org on proper flag etiquette.
Displaying the Flag Outdoors:

The flag should always be flown at the top of a fl…