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Welcome Gavin James
It seems like we’ve waited forever but Keri and I are so pleased to welcome Gavin Donald James to the world!
I Can No Longer Go To Sleep- The Patriots Depend On It.
I used to think that maybe it was just by unusual chance- but now I'm convinced that the Patriots W/L record is actually determined by whether or not I go to sleep before or during the game!
I had not so much as blinked an eye during the 1st 10 games of the 2015 regular season, however, being as tire…
Be Mine Pizza-tine!
We've teamed up with Sam's Italians in Augusta to bring you a Valentine's you won't forget!
Our Son Is Due On Superbowl LII
I want him to make his arrival on 2/4/18 at the exact moment that the clock runs out in the 4th and Tom wins his 6th ring
Child Abduction Experiment
The results of just how easy it was to take children right from their yards and drive away is terrifying.
Can Dogs Safely Eat People Food?
It's fairly common that Rambo, our Great Dane, is given some leftovers a couple times a week when we cook a big meal.