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Jon James to Focus Final Fundraising Efforts on Three Organizations
As I am doing my final several shows on 92 Moose, I reflect on the many people we've helped over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with a group of people here that, although different from each other in many ways, are like-minded when it comes to helping the community and its people. I …
Jon James Final Day, Friday
After more than 25 years, Jon James is retiring from the Moose Morning Show! You can say "Thank You" to Jon, by donating to some of his favorite charities.
Professor Jon James: Bad Parenting 101 [Audio]
I've done many things I regret over the years. Two of them involve my daughter Michelle, now 25. She was born on the day I started at 92 Moose. I left 30 minutes after she was born at, what was then, KVMC in Augusta. I drove across the river, met Mac Dickson (then Bruce Mainerd), and went on th…
Mid-Week Lunch Bunch
Congratulations to the team at Home Depot in Waterville, our latest winners from Cappza's Pizza on Maine Street in Waterville.
#TBT Jon, Mac and the box'O'bits!
When I first started at 92 Moose, several years ago (before computers were "all the rage"), I wrote my show prep out on 3 X 5 index cards and, for some reason unknown to me, I kept them in a box. This box if full of historical information from central Maine as I wrote about things …