Mike Lawn, Getty Images

You don’t really notice the prices of goods and services increasing until you haven’t needed it in some time. For example, I remember back in the late 90s having to go to the laundromat to do my laundry. I’d go and do it once a week to 10 days and I vividly remember putting aside $20 for myself and Lynn at the time. We had about four or five loads and the $20 was enough. That paid for the wash, dry and a soda or two.

Now it’s $2.75 a wash for the 20-pound machines where back in 1998 that load was about $1.75 or $2 max. If you’re doing five loads, that dollar adds up. We all need clean clothes, so it’s not really an option not to do laundry. I’m just saying. I bet your quarter gets less drying time today as well. It seems to me that we used to get eight minutes for a quarter, we now get six minutes.

My wife, or fiancee at the time, thought if we bought a washer and dryer it would pay for its self in a matter of months and as usual she was right.