The 92 Moose ‘Request-a-thon’ for Special Olympics Maine hosted by Jon, Renee and Mac of the Moose Morning Show is in full swing until 6 pm today, June 5! And some special guests came into the studio to talk about their experiences with Special Olympics.Nicole, Nick and Jason of Families Matter made a visit to the Moose studio in advance of this weekend's Special Olympics to talk about the upcoming event.

If you want to help out this great cause, it's easy!

All day long, we play songs for pay! We’ll play anything. It can run the gamut from Rihanna to Barry Manilow to Hank Williams.  A minimum $20 pledge gets you a request.  Some exceptionally odd songs or very long songs might cost you a bit more, but the proceeds are going to a good cause.

We’ll be accepting cash, checks and credit cards, so there will be no reason not to donate!

To make a donation, call 626-9200 or 547-9200. To make an online request and donation, you can fill out the form below or go here.

The 92 Moose ‘Request-a-thon’ for Special Olympics Maine is powered by Walgreens and Al’s Certified Car Repair!

Check out Nicole, Nick and Jason's visit to the 92 Moose studio!