On Monday, June 10th you have a chance to take the afternoon off AND have a great reason to do so, it helps out the Spectrum Generation ‘Meals on Wheels’ program as well as ‘AniMeals’ and ‘We Sustain Maine’.  It is the ‘11th Annual Meals On Wheels Golf Tournament’.

It has been a hard year for ‘Meals On Wheels’.  The issues in Washington DC have had a trickle down effect. ‘Meals On Wheels’ has lost money. Spectrum Generation needs to raise awareness of how the community can help. One way you can help is by taking part in the ‘11th Annual Meals On Wheels Golf Tournament’ at the very beautiful Natanis Golf Course in Vassalboro.

Now to give an idea of how important this is, Spectrum Generation prepares and delivers over 200,000 meals a year to more than 1,600 home bound seniors in central Maine.  Because of the federal budget cuts not only has Spectrum Generations had to, for the first time in 40 years, create a waiting list for those in need, they had to cut back the number of times a week they do the ‘Meals On Wheels’ deliveries.  That means the twice a week visit from the ‘Meals On Wheels’ driver is now a once a week visit.  There goes the twice a week interaction and twice a week opportunity to make sure that senior is doing ok.  As you can see,  the whole ‘Meals On Wheels’ thing is a lot more than food for the body, it is food for that person’s soul.

There will be a hole-in-one contest sponsored by Central Maine Motors for the chance to win a new car! There will also be a BBQ awards banquet and auction with lots of really cool items. There is still time to register.  Really, can you think of a better reason to go golfing? Nope. I can’t either. So go golfing for a good reason and enjoy!


Jamie Ribis-Braley   620-1677