Kindergarten teacher Sharon Deagle of St. Albans Consolidated School is under investigation by the Somerset County Sheriff's office for allegations of physical and verbal abuse.

According to Central Maine Online,

About a dozen parents who gathered on Tuesday morning at St. Albans Community Playground said Deagle has been suspended from the school since mid-April after the teacher allegedly used excessive force against a student that they say caused a scratch on his hip while she was breaking up a fight. They are concerned about her potential return to the classroom.

RSU 19 interim Superintendent Ray Freve and St. Albans Consolidated School Principal Richard Fernald would not confirm Deagle’s suspension and declined to comment on the parents’ allegations. Deagle wouldn’t return calls or a note left at her home seeking comment for this story.

One thing is certain, no matter what the outcome, we as parents hope things like this never happen at our schools. These are supposed to be safe-havens where are children can feel secure in their learning environment. We will keep you updated with any breaking or additional news in regards to this story.