I know there are three topics you’re not supposed to discuss. And they are, sex, politics and religion. I’m not going into a deep discussion about religion but I will say I was brought up Catholic with first communion, confirmation and was married in a Catholic church. In Auburn we have a cluster of three churches, St. Philips, Sacred Heart and St. Louis also known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary parish. I believe there is one more in the cluster in Mechanic Falls or Norway as well. When we go to Mass it’s usually at Sacred Heart because it’s closer and there is ample parking.

Masses at St. Louis are ending and the last one is on August 29th. St. Louis is in “New Auburn” and is one of the older churches. It is a classic Catholic church made of stone and brick. It’s kind of sad. It’s where my son, Justin had his first communion and confirmation (yes they do sacraments at 7 years old now). It’s not a church I attend but it is 98 years old and a landmark in "New Auburn."

The Parish committee and state diocese say it will take $1,000,000 to fix up and it’s not in the cards. Deconstruction will only cost $120,000, so you can see the financial side.

No final decision has been made but the church’s future doesn’t look good. If you live in the area, take pictures because you never know whether it will be torn down or not.