According to Dr. Kammerer, from Kennebec Pediatrics & Hallowell Woodworks, a pink Adirondack chair has been taken 'without permission' from the Hallowell Waterfront.  If you have seen this chair, you can call the station at 623-2475 and we will make sure Dr. Kammerer gets the message.

Here's a message from Dr. Kam:

Sorry to report that one of pink Adirondack chairs seems to have been stolen! I am asking for the community's support to try and locate this chair. It will have a plaque on the front and Property of HABOT on the underside. If you may be in possession of said chair, please restore my faith and return it. No questions asked! Looks like we might need to start locking up the chairs again.

If you visit the waterfront, please count the chairs when there and let one of us know if any are missing. We started with 37, now down to 35. We know the location of one red chair (DQ's chair) and are waiting for it to be returned. As noted above, the pink one was stolen.

Let's help him find this chair!!