Whether it's felling a tree against the side of the house, getting pushed into the pool with my cell phone in my pocket or backing my Jeep full speed down the hill by the driveway, Sundays seem to hold a bit of misfortune for me.

Marie Anne and I had breakfast at the China Dine-ah. I headed home and she went to Hannaford to pick up dinner. As I drove up the road, I thought, "should I drive in and back out or should I back in so I can drive out." I opted for the latter. When I don't have a trailer behind me, I tend to back up too quickly and, because my eyes don't focus fast and everything, in case you haven't noticed, is white, I completely missed the driveway. And there I was, stuck.

I just got out, walked inside and called Triple A. Hey, might as well use it, right?

Jeff Richards and Kim's Towing to the rescue!

Within the hour, Jeff Richards from Kim's Towing was here. He looked the situation over and I asked, "gonna be tricky?"

"Piece of cake," he said.

Strange but, at that moment, my mind went blank except for the vision of a piece of vanilla cake with white frosting and edible flowers, like the birthday cakes they use to sell at MacDonald's Bakery in Gardiner.

"Cool," I said, after a few seconds pause while I savored the cake.

With that, my pal Jeff had the chain hooked up to the undercarriage of the truck. "Just put it in neutral and steer while I pull," he said.

What? The truck could tip over with me in it! I only thought that as I climbed into the cab and, in no time, I was back on flat ground, relieved, like a captain who's floundering ship had just been tugged to shore.

Good job, Jeff and Kim's. Ya saved the day. So did Triple A. As their slogan says, God, grant me the serenity to.....oops, sorry. Different organization.