A recent study suggests that if you're middle age and don't drink alcohol, your mortality rate is increased. That means that, according to this study, moderate drinking (2 or 3 drinks a day) may help you live longer!

The study focused on individuals who were 55 to 65-years-old and spanned a 20 year period. Here are the findings:

Of the 1824 participants, 41% of moderate drinkers died prematurely compared with 69% of non-drinkers. Even heavy drinkers fared better than those who were dry. Hmmmm...drink for thought, ehhh?

Though the reasons are unclear, researchers feel there may be a connection between mortality rates and the fact that alcohol can be a "social lubricant," and note that these social networks are essential to good physical and mental health.

So, let's raise a glass as we salute "Mr. give me another Scotch on the rocks for my good health" Guy....a real American hero!