Not to be depressing but I think there needs to be some light shed on the topic of suicide following what happened at Gray New Gloucester High School over the weekend. I get teary every time I read about one.

I’m not a psychologist so I have no skills on what to say or how to help someone who is thinking about it. There are people who do. Please just give someone a chance to help if that’s you.

We all get overwhelmed, frustrated, embarrassed, hurt or depressed. Some people I'm guessing are hit with those emotions and feelings to bigger extremes than others.

We as people are not invincible. You can’t come back to see the revenge on those who the act was intended for, you can’t come back to reconcile, you can’t come back when the problems are solved and you can’t come back to get the help you need when you understand the situation in a different light.

Regardless if a person believes it or not, there are people who love them. And suicide hurts those people too.

Together as a community we can try and stop this. If you hear of someone with tendencies please rope them into help.

Listed are a few organizations for prevention:
NAMI Maine
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255