Summer maybe over as far as the tourist season goes but let's not discount late summer and early fall. I love September, not so much rainy days like these but over all I'd say September and October are my favorite months.

It's a time when you don't need air conditioning, your furnace isn't on yet and the kids are back in school. Soon the leaves will change and the air will be crisper, so what's not to like?

As a side note I really don't know why the theme parks and a few ice cream shops close on Labor Day, but I'm not in business for myself so it must make sense not to go further in the season than the Labor Day weekend or they would stay open.

Don't get me wrong, I despise winter with an absolute passion mostly because the cost of living goes up with oil and car "winterization" costs etc. but let's enjoy these days in late summer and early fall. Take in a high school football game, buy a few logs for the fire pit, do a little leaf peeping later this month or next. You can wear a hoodie and go on a hayride in the fall, you can also get loads of fresh fruits, like apples and pumpkins. The tourist are gone so you can now go to North Conway or Freeport and take advantage of the summer clearance sales without the lines and "excuse mes."

I have a few videos here to get you in the mood for autumn.