Did you know you can visit an actual desert without leaving the 207?  Yep, the Desert of Maine is a short drive away in Freeport!

According to their website, The Desert of Maine was fertile farmland back in the 1700s.  But, due to clear-cutting, livestock, and improper crop rotation, sand began appearing.  In reality, the sand had always been there, but had been covered by the top-soil.  As it eroded, it revealed the glacial desert underneath.  It now encompasses hundreds of acres.

Open until October 11th, there's lots of fun stuff to do at the Desert of Maine: tram tours of the desert, "mining", you can explore the 1783 barn, explore the nature trails, and even camp there!

It is very affordably priced, too.  Adults are $12.50, teens are $7.75, and kids 4-12 are $6.75