I grew up playing sports and have developed some, well, lets just call them superstitions.

1.  Never make/bring signs.  The team with the most signs loses almost every time. Let the teams play speak for itself.

2. Never alter your winning routine.  I have played softball all of my life and have had the same at bat routine since I was in high school.  I went 3-4 in our last win (Go Dirt Dogs!).  If it's not broken- don't to fix it.  Pro-athletes like Dustin Pedroia, Nomar Garciaparra, David Ortiz, and even LeBron James have notable routines.  1 bad game does not a slump make.

3.  No lead in a series is safe until the last buzzer sounds, the last out is made or the last point is scored.

4.  Arrogance is never useful- be it a player or a fan.  Karma has a way of making the haughty pay. In 2004, my best friend shaved his head between game 1 and game 2 of the Frozen Four... we lost.

So, today, when my co-worker asked me if we had a broom, I was in no way supporting his idea for a post when I told him there was one in the restroom.  It was only after the fact that he told me he was going to write about the Bruins taking game four (I cannot even say it), that I realized my error.  Oh, Greg Michaels, what have you done.

I am superstitious, and a life-long love of sports has made me so.  I am okay with that.

Never worry, Bruins fans... hopefully this article will right the balance the universe, set off kilter by Greg Michaels.