Recycling Among Other Cut Programs Back in Auburn
Over the past week or so I've been writing about cuts in the Auburn city budget. Everything from the school budget vote, to recycling cuts and other budget decisions. After much outcry from Auburn residents, most regarding closing the New Auburn fire department for six months, the city has brou…
Polls Are Open In Auburn
I probably wrote something similar back in November at the time of the general election. Writing here to remind people of how important it is to vote, whether it is in November or June. Or at other times of the year as the case may be.
“Letterboxing” is a Fun Family Hobby
Today we were going to go to Portland for the Old Port Festival. I was going to take the boys and let Lynn and Vikki have a low key day but Dylan decided yesterday he didn't want to go and early this morning Justin dropped out too, so it was ether me going solo or pass on the event. I decided to pas…
Help Heathco’s + Auburn PD Catch This Guy
I love this store. We used to live a lot closer and use them more often but we still do order food on occasion from them today. Great food and great owners I might add. I was going through my Facebook feed and saw this on the Heathco's Fan Page . If you know anything about this incident, please…

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