Liquor Selling Hours May Increase in Maine
When I worked at a convenience store back in the mid 90's there were three basic rules for selling alcohol, Still are, I’m sure. The rules were that the person buying has to be of legal age (21) with proof, the person buying has to be coherent, meaning not drunk and it&CloseCurl…
This Day in History — First Can of Beer is Sold
It's almost the weekend, which is my favorite time to crack open a can of...well, if I'm honest, these days it's usually PBR. Times are tough, but not as tough as they probably were before this day in 1935, when the Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company delivered it's first batch of 2,000 cans of Kruege…
Why Does My Beer Smell Like a Skunk?
It does not take the well trained nose of a beer aficionado to determine if a beer has gone bad or not. No sir; upscale brew connoisseur and backwoods drunkards alike know that there is only one word to describe the putrid scent of beer gone rotten – and that is “skunk.&CloseCurlyDoubleQ…
New Beer Flavor Wheel for Real Beer Drinkers
For centuries, everyone from physicians to brewers have used flavor wheels as a means of breaking down the many varieties of aromas and flavors of a particular substance or beverage. A new book includes a consumer-friendly version of a flavor wheel just for beer drinkers.

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