Maine is a Cat Person! Are You?
Be happy cat ladies, and men. Maine was rated #1 for cat lovers!! This is according to an on-line real estate publication, Estately. Almost half, 46% of Maine households own cats, that’s 11% higher than household with dogs.
CAT SHARK! You Have Been Warned! [Video]
Missing Shark Week?  Here you go!  Shark cat will will make you smile. Well, it will make you smile after you spit coffee all over your keyboard. I have never met a cat who would do any of that...ride a rumba or wear the suit. To funny!
Greg Michaels: Welcome Home “Sweetie!”
For some time our family has been talking about getting a second cat, as a playmate or friend for "Thunder." So yesterday, Lynn and I told the kids we'd go to The Greater Androscoggin Humane Society just to look. "Just to look" is I guess code in our house for bring the cat carri…