Cat Reacts to Seeing Owner After Six Months
This pretty much sums up the love/hate relationship all cat owners have with their pets. Specifically, we love them, and they hate us. This is the typical cat's reaction to its owner going on leave for six months. We think it's probably pretty accurate...
KVHS Has Many Cats Looking for Their ‘Forever Homes’
There are now more cats in the Augusta area looking for new homes. The Kennebec Valley Humane Society took in 25 new cats this week!   So KVHS is reminding people about the adoption special for adult cats right and asking for donations to help the cats and kittens in the shelter...
20 Animals Who Think They’re People
If we all didn't love anthropomorphic animals so much, there's no way Disney would be as successful as it is. It turns out there's something better than cartoon animals acting like people though -- real animals acting like people.
14 Animals Dropping Winks
These animals know what's up. They know your secret. They know you're in on the joke. They know how to close their eyes one at a time. They know how to be adorable. They know how to wink.

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