Awesome Commercial to ‘Save the Bros.’
When I was watching this I wasn't sure if it was for a real product or just a parody. The fact that it's for a real drink called, 'Organic Fuel,' makes it even better.
Watch and then 'Buy One, Bros. One' and help 'Save the Bros.!'
#LikeAGirl Super Bowl Commercial
The 'Always' #LikeAGirl commercial that aired during the Super Bowl is meant to empower young girls by inspiring people to use the phrase "like a girl" and hashtag through social media, #LikeAGirl, positively rather than as an insult.
Liam Neeson Seeks Revenge in Clash of Clans Super Bowl Ad
Liam Neeson may act like a total badass when he's in movies like ‘Taken’, but he's not above poking a little fun at his new tough guy persona. The actor appeared in a new Super Bowl commercial for Clash of Clans and delivered a monologue that sounds as if it were taken (no pu…
‘Fast and Furious 7’ Super Bowl Trailer!
A ‘Fast and Furious’ Super Bowl trailer is almost as much of a tradition as the halftime show at this point. OK, maybe not quite that much, but the past two ‘Fast and Furious’ movies have had their ads, and now ‘Fast and Furious 7’ is here to follow up on th…
The ‘Ted 2’ Super Bowl Trailer Features a Tom Brady Cameo
‘Ted 2’ may have the most relevant Super Bowl trailer there is, mostly because it features a cameo from one of the players actually playing in the Super Bowl. The movie features a cameo from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and he makes an appearance in this new ad.

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