6 Very Easy Ways to Stop Being a Workaholic
Did the janitor give you his keys so you can lock up after he goes home? Do you dream in spread sheets? Have you missed your kid scoring the game-winning goal because you were checking email on your phone?
Then, congratulations -- you may be a workaholic.
New York City Bartender Makes $96,000 A Year Slinging Drinks
Shred your useless college degree — or stop going to college altogether — and start hitting the liquor cabinet. It's sound advice. A New York City bartender said she made $96,000 last year while bartending at a luxury hotel. Sarah Speros claimed the starting wage at her hotel is $26…
Liquor Selling Hours May Increase in Maine
When I worked at a convenience store back in the mid 90's there were three basic rules for selling alcohol, Still are, I’m sure. The rules were that the person buying has to be of legal age (21) with proof, the person buying has to be coherent, meaning not drunk and it&CloseCurl…

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