Election Day

Ballot Selfies: Is It Legal?
Selfies and Election Day, it was a combination just waiting to happen. Election Day 2016 is all the buzz with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton and the selfie craze is still going strong. However, is it legal to take a selfie with your filled out ballot and to post it on social media? It depends w…
A Closer Look: Maine Ballot Question 3 [POLL]
November 8, 2016 is Election Day in Maine and Mainers will be voting on five citizen initiative questions and one bond question. We've been feature these questions right here and today we take a closer look at ballot question 3.
Election Day in Maine: Find Your Info On Where To Vote
Today is election in day in Maine.  There are five bond issues for voters, so those will be on everyone’s ballots.  If you community has any local races or issues you will find those on your ballot as well.  Not sure where you need to go to vote? Find your location here.  According to what I was rea…
Election Day – Go Vote!
Why do we call voting a “civic duty?” I like voting, or maybe obsess or love it. I think it’s an exciting event. After all of the drama of the primaries, advertising, debates, mailers, robo-calls, etc. it’s go time!