Bill to Arm Maine’s Forest Rangers Moves Forward [AUDIO]
Officers in every other branch of natural resources law enforcement in Maine are trained annually and armed.
They carry to protect themselves, and others as they go about enforcing Maine's laws.
Forest Rangers enforce Maine's laws too, and even though their jurisdiction is the state's t…
‘Maine Girls with Guns’ Profile: CJ Veritas
(This is a series of articles I'm writing about Maine women, some of whom you probably know, who are into shooting and/or carrying weapons. You can learn much more about them at the Facebook Group, Maine Girls with Guns)
CJ describes herself as a "gun toting, liberty loving woman.&q…
‘Maine Girls with Guns’ Profile: Amanda Main
Amanda Main was among the first batch of pictures I received when I started my first (and maybe only) Pinterest board. She has a great smile, is holding the gun properly, wearing the proper ear protection and was perfect as the first profile pic on the Maine Girls With Guns Facebook page. It was a…

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