How Happy Are We In Maine?
WalletHub.com researched how happy each state is in the country. Their study used 25 metrics ranging from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates.
Where is the Happiest Place to Live in Maine?
It turns out, central Maine is not one of the happiest place to be in the Pine Tree State. That according to a list just released by Zippia.com of 'The 10 Happiest Places In Maine.'
The website used census data and based their criteria on such things as "having insurance, owning a …
New Weird Al, “Tacky” – Enjoy!
You know you have a real hit on your hands when Weird Al comes along and asks to do your song in a parody. What song has been bigger this year so far than "Happy" by Pharrell Williams? Guess what, Weird Al does his take and comes up with "Tacky!" Guess the famous …
Bangor, Maine Gets ‘Happy’
Bangor had done their version of Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ with a video shot all around Bangor. I grew up in Bangor and found a few things that made me smile. There were the can-can girls, roller derby and monk with a teddy bear!  There was even a clip from my old school, …

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