What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory?
If you take away the toys and flash that is Christmas, you’re left with moments of time as memories wrapped up like presents in your mind. What are a few of your favorite memories as a child at Christmas that doesn’t involve gifts? I'll tell you a few of mine.
Please Don’t Drink & Drive This Holiday Season
Beware, police are beefing up patrols for drunk drivers this holiday season. The story I'm referencing is out of Westbrook but still I'm sure statewide cops will out looking and waiting for people operating under the influence (OUI). Westbrook has added $10,000 to make the roads safer. The…
Easter + Christmas: Stores Open or Closed?
I had an interesting debate yesterday with a few people regarding stores closing on Easter, other holidays and even Sundays. It all came from someone’s status update I saw on Facebook. In short it basically read: “I’m mad Walmart is closed today&CloseCurlyDouble…
Martin Luther King and 10 Other Famous ‘Juniors’
Today people will stop and reflect about the legacy of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. — one of a number of famous people who made marks of their own despite having names that ended with "Junior." Dr. King's father was also a minister who inspired many followers, but o…

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