Kesha Would Have Sex With Justin Bieber
Because there's no time like the weekend for a perfectly silly bit of celebrity news-type stuff, we feel obligated to inform you that while Kesha has denied those nasty rumors regarding her having carnal knowledge of young Justin Bieber, that doesn't mean she wouldn't be willing.
Kesha Releases Stripped Down Version of ‘Supernatural’
Kesha is determined to shut up all her detractors who say she can't sing without Auto-Tune. The tenacious Tennessee native released the 'Deconstructed' rendition of 'Supernatural,' stripping away much of the technological touches from the original to almost completely rework…
Who Is Kesha’s One Direction Crush?
Let's be real -- it's hard to pick a favorite One Direction member because they're all handsome and charming in unique ways, but Kesha has one in particular that she'd like to roll in the glitter with.
Kesha Wants to End Sexism in Pop Music
Susan B. Anthony had her own dollars, Kesha sports a dollar sign in her name. On the surface, a lot of people think that's where their similarities end. But not so fast! Kesha's on a mission to end sexism through her music. Really!

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