Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Vomits Onstage in Spain
First Justin Bieber, now Lady Gaga! What is it with pop stars hurling while performing? The Mother Monster was performing her hit single 'The Edge of Glory' onstage in Barcelona, Spain when she promptly vomited several times. Projectile at a pop show? That's no fun!
Lady Gaga Go-Go Dancer Photos Leak, She Shares Them Via Twitter
It's Gaga for Go-Go.
Photos of Lady Gaga as a go-go dancer were posted all over her Little Monsters site, but rather than yanking them down or burying them, Ma Monster enjoyed the dance down memory lane. She even linked the photos to her Twitter page, since she has nothing to hide and is not ashamed …
Experts View Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution as a Good Thing
Rather than attack critics that have ridiculed her for her recent weight gain, Lady Gaga took the power back by launching Body Revolution 2013, where she posted unaltered photos of herself and her body, prompting her dedicated throng of little monsters to follow suit. It's sparking a tremendous dial…
Lady Gaga Turns Down Madonna’s Offer to Duet at Yankee Stadium
The rivalry between Lady Gaga and Madonna, which was started, stoked and supported by Madonna with her near-constant onstage disses of Gaga, nearly came to an end in the Bronx last month. Rumor has it that Madonna extended an olive branch and offered native New Yorker (and Yankee fan) Gaga a chance …

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