lip sync

Mac Dickson Gets Caught Lip Syncing at the Drive-Thru
We all do it. Crank up the radio and 'Shake our Groove Thang.' That's what I was doing at the drive-thru, for no other reason, than to annoy and embarrass my 12-year old.
This time, unfortunately for me, she turned the tables and caught me on video.
Mac Dickson Gets Caught Lip Syncing ‘Thinking Out Loud’
If you ever wonder what we do in the studio when the microphones are off... well, we usually are busy figuring out what we will talk about next and sometimes we just sing along to the hits.
It was one of these times I was caught on video, crooning away with Ed Sheeran's, 'Thinking Out Loud!…
Mom & Dad Nail Lip Sync to ‘Love Is An Open Door’
'Love Is An Open Door' is one of the songs from the movie Frozen.  Check out this mom and dad totally committing to their version of 'Love Is An Open Door'. They are fab! Best part, watch the kid in the back seat just sort of hanging out with her sippy cup.