Matt James

No Keys: Day Two
If you or a friend know anything, there is an incredible reward. You'll get a 92 Moose T-shirt and a Dunkin' card with $2.54 left on it.
Keri James Reacts to Matt’s Shaven Face
It's pretty much general knowledge now that I shaved my face in it's entirety this week. Only because for the last five years my wife has intermittently asked me to so she can "see what I look like without it". So I did. She phoned in to the Moose Morning Show today to let us kno…
I’m Already Regretting This
My wife is always telling me to shave it off so she can "see what I look like without it". Well, now she knows, and her first question? "How long does it take to grow back?!"
Today is The Day I Join The 21st Century
You're probably wondering why a tech-savvy guy like me isn't already part of the current era. Well, if you've been listening to me moan and groan on the air for the last 14 months about not having internet at my house, then you know why.
It took a whole lot of phone calls, emails and o…

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