‘The Real Mom News Show’ – Summer
Our favorite mommy blogger and friend of the Moose Morning Show, Deva Dalporto, has another edition of her very funny video series at MyLifeSuckers. The videos spoof news shows and are called 'The Real Mom News!"
The latest is all about all the "fun" families have in t…
Mom-Related Terms That Maine Googles The Most
Mother's Day is this Sunday, don't forget! If you are still searching for that perfect gift for Mom. Or perhaps a recipe, song, or movie that would be perfect for Mother's Day. You might just google a mom-related term. What do Mainers google most often when it comes to Mom-related ter…
Vote for Mom for President! [VIDEO]
Finally, we have a candidate we can all agree on. Who better to elect for president than 'Mom?'
Check out the hilarious new video from friend of the Moose Morning Show, Deva Dalporto, from
Thank you very much for asking me to be a part of this new project...

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