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Facebook Pet Peeves – What Are Yours?
Facebook is a tremendous tool to get information out, whether it be of a casual nature or more formal like say from a real news site. It's a way to have fun with friends you don't see often and a forum to get emotions or frustrations out. What I hate seeing though, are the verbal attacks. I've alway…
Facebook Feed Pet Peeves – Have Any?
I was going through CNN's website trying to come up with something to write about and an article inspired this post. Facebook feed pet peeves. Things that come up in your feed that aren't serious enough to unfriend or hide someone but just make you shake your head or just irk you.
What Are Your Fast Food Pet Peeves?
I came across this post on the internet and it inspired this question. What are your biggest fast food pet peeves? Yes, in the Buzzfeed blog, it shows just drive-thru obscurities, but I’ll accept any fast food pet peeves you may have.