Should Maine Be in Daylight Savings All Year? [POLL]
Maine could be moving to a new time zone. According to the Sun Journal, a measure is under consideration by the Committee on State and Local Government, that would in effectively lock Maine into daylight saving all year, instead of just spring to fall.
SNL’s Outrageously Funny Second Debate Parody (Video)
I think I speak for most when I say I will be glad when this election season is over. The country is divided and social media isn't helping with all the memes!
So I say, bring on the comedy!
When Saturday Night Live announced that actor Alec Baldwin would be taking on the role of Donald Trump unt…
Donald Trump Returns to Maine, October 15
Donald Trump who cancelled a recent planned appearance in Portland, will be visiting Maine, after all.
According to Trump's campaign, the Republican Presidential hopeful will be holding a rally on October 15 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor...

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