Greg Michaels’ Weekend!
Today will be a day of puttering around the house while Lynn is out at a craft fair helping her mother at her table. My goal this morning is to get the laundry and vacuuming done and if needed the upstairs bathroom as my son Justin had a friend sleep over. After all is finished I'll be catching the …
‘Penelope the Pumpkin’ is doing Very Well
Here is Penelope. She started as a little seedling about the size of a thumb. Now, she is all grown up. In the pictures the young man is Jake.  Jake is Jackie's son who was kind enough to let us see just how big Penelope has become.
‘Penelope The Pumpkin’ is the 92Moose Giant Pumpkin
A few weeks ago, Buzz Pinkham from Damariscotta Pumpkinfest, brought us a little baby pumpkin. This little one is the one that Jon agreed to grow. (Meaning, that Jon found someone to do the work for him.)  That person is Jackie from Fastenal in the K-Mart Shopping Center in Augusta...