Common Courtesy When Cigarette Smoking
There's nothing like being able to drive along with the windows rolled down and the Moose cranked up. It's a sure sign of spring and when I get to do it, it literally can put me in a great mood. There is one thing that can change all that... cigarettes.
Is it Okay to Smoke Outside at Take-Out Provided Tables?
Here's something that came up this weekend. Me and Alexis, my 12-year old, went out to eat. I don't think the location matters, because I really don't want to single somebody out, because I think it's a larger question. The question? When eating at a take-out spot (food and ice c…
The Augusta City Council Votes to Ban Smoking at School Bus Stops
It will now be illegal to light up a cigarette while waiting for your kids to get on a bus in Augusta. That was the outcome of a vote Thursday night from the Augusta City Council. City Councilor Dan Emery proposed the change after he received an email from parents of two children affected by an adul…
Augusta City Council Considering Bus-Stop Smoking Ban
The Augusta city council will consider a proposal to amend a 'no-smoking' ordinance enacted this past January to include bus stops. The ordinance already bans smoking and all other forms of tobacco use at city parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, schools and most other city and school prop…

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