10 Painfully Awkward Soccer Fails
One of the most popular sports around the world, soccer (or should we say, football) is super fun to watch. And any soccer fan knows that the only thing more amusing than a sick goal is an epic soccer fail. Check out some great GIFs of what can only be described as total fails. You've never see…
Peru Goalie Makes Incredible Double-Save
Uruguay's Gonzalo Bueno should have scored a clinching goal against Peru last week in a game between the nations' Under-20 teams. Bueno DIDN'T score, because Peruvian goalkeeper Angelo Campos may be the fastest man in South America.
The Greatest Soccer Ball Juggler Ever Has Some Moves to Show You
The dude in the above video has soccer ball juggling down to a science.
His name is Iya Traore, and almost daily, he puts on astounding performance of balance and skill with a soccer ball at the Sacre Coeur in Paris, France. Traore is a professional soccer juggler (yep, that's a thing apparently…

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