Let Your Zodiac Sign Choose Your Next Vacation
I saw an interesting article at that mapped out what vacations would best suit you based on your zodiac sign. So, I had to checkout what they had to say about my zodiac sign. I'm a Virgo (Sept.22nd) last day of being a Virgo, so I also looked at Libra as well.
A Summer in Maine Through a Go-Pro [VIDEO]
If you are planning some 'Stay-cations' this summer, there are no limits to your options, right here in Maine. Take a look at what You Tuber, Tyler Neville enjoyed last summer.
Tyler, along with his GoPro Hero 4 Silver, captured beautiful adventures from the mountains to waterfalls, and a l…
Greg Michaels’ May 2015 Vacation
Vacation is over. The transition back to work after a vacation is always somewhat difficult for me because of being out of the loop. Don't get me wrong, it will be nice to get back on the air and talk to you and be with my co-workers.

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