Veteran's Day

Celebrating Veterans Around The World [VIDEO]
On Nov. 11, the United States of America celebrates Veterans Day, set aside to honor all of the country's veterans.
But the holiday is not exclusively an American one, countries all over the world also honor their veterans today, and for a very specific reason.
A Huge ‘Thank You’ to All Veterans!
Today is Veteran's Day. Today is a day we remember and reflect on all of who served and all the sacrifices our military have gone through to keep us free. We remember those lost in Vietnam, the two world wars, Korea and more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A Thank You to All Veterans on Veterans Day
I try to thank veterans for their service whenever I see them, whether it be at a restaurant, in a store or just passing by on the street. Today, ALL Americans should take time to thank a veteran, wherever you see them. Without their unselfish service, none of us would be walking around, enjoying th…
Thank You To All Veterans
Yesterday was Veteran's Day. In some ways so is today but to some degree should really be everyday. On the left is a picture of my maternal grandfather Alexander Wm. Keema Jr. who served and died in WWII.

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