Everybody does it- So why not talk about it? The question is, do you do it at work? If you're an avid coffee drinker like me, you may have no choice! But don't get down in the dumps about it, it's totally okay!

In fact, according to Fast Company, it's the most successful people who produce stool while at work!

We chug it steaming hot from paper cups on commuter trains, we sip it from insulated thermoses while speeding along the highway, we wait on line to get it iced or with a shot of espresso, we wait impatiently for the office Keurig machine to spray it into a ceramic mug.

Whether you prefer it percolated, instant, pour over, French-pressed, fair trade, light and sweet, Venti or hazelnut, for most the result is predictable: A quick rush of energy followed by another another rush—to the bathroom.

Now remember, this isn't a post about coffee, though it does have a lot to do with the subject matter. Vote now and let us know if you're droppin' plops on the clock!