So, this weekend I am going to be heading home to Houlton to see some family.  One of my jobs is going to be teaching my mother how to use this internet on her new computer.  It's been about a year since she mastered texting, so I figured it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

Yesterday, I asked you what websites I should use to teach my mother how to use the internet.  Here are some of the bwetter suggestions...

Google - Yep, start her out with the basics.  I just need to remember to set the parental blocks.  I don't need her finding something that is going to give her a heart attack.  Just sayin'! - She DOES like to cook, so this one seemed like a no-brainer.  And, I'm guessing the chances of her stumbling onto porn on this site are pretty slim.

Pinterest - A guy named Hal suggested this site.  Honestly, I was always under the impression it was mainly directed at women.  I spent a couple minutes checking it out...  And, I'm hooked!  I'm sure my mom will love it, too.

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