Tonight it's the annual MTV tradition that is the Video Music Awards. In 2012 MTV handing out music/video awards is as relevant as A&E handing out artist awards. We'll move past the punchline. I have always enjoyed the MTV VMAs not so much to see who wins but to see what happens. What everyone is wearing and watch for what the artists say. Is it scripted chaos, is it just artists doing what they think is cool? You be the judge, but every year it's a spectacle.  What I miss from years ago is the authenticity Kurt Loder brought. The post award show interviews, the sense of urgency each VJ showed while reporting on the gala's goings on. Yes, MTV has lost their roots, but if you look around so has every other cable channel. TLC, The Learning Channel. Guess we learn how to clean a hoarders house. A&E "Arts and Entertainment" Dog the Bounty Hunter, Storage Wars, etc.

Back to The MTV VMAs. Whatever you think of the of it, I still will watch as part "work" and part escape and enjoyment. Just wish it was directed more and produced more like a sports event. Sideline commentary, analysis and less slick.