This strange thing above appeared in my mailbox yesterday. Do you know what it is?

When was the last time you used a phone-book? How about a TV Guide?. This got me thinking about things we used to use everyday, but now, never do.

Do you still have a VCR player in your home? Even the DVD player is going by the wayside. Raise your hand, you used to have a boom box or a cassette player, right? Do you even own anything you could play those cassettes on now?

I remember doing research papers for school using an old set of encyclopedias. I wonder what happened to those? Heck, they were outdated, when I used them!

When fax machines were the shiny new 'it' thing, I remember 92 Moose taking requests from offices, using the catchy line, "We're first with fax!" The scary thing is, that's one of the few phone numbers I can remember off the top of my head. By the way, it's 626-5948, if you ever want to send in a 'fax request!'

Now, "Get off my lawn" and tell me some things that you used to use everyday and now, never do. Comment below or join the conversation at our facebook page!