Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow. Do you have any traditions? Any certain must-have dishes? I was at the grocery store and everyone was flying around getting their food and checking off their lists. No list checking and driving a cart. No texting and carting either. That can lead to a disaster. We almost got nailed by a guy thumbing his phone and at the same time buying chicken broth. People were buying frozen turkeys, maybe they’ll thaw by Thursday morning? It seems to me like they‘re cutting it close assuming the turkeys were for Thanksgiving. Maybe they're for the freezer and going to be used later? BJ's and Hannaford were like zoos I tell you. Very chaotic, even for us,

I forgot my wallet at home with my debit card. Nothing is more embarrassing and annoying than having a full cart of groceries with an 18 month old bored, while waiting for me to go home and return with a way to pay. Not to mention the wasted 30 minutes.

We’re cooking of course the turkey, usual sides and pumpkin whoopie pies, plus a green bean casserole. Please take the green bean casserole leftovers, please. Please take whatever you want. We’re having 11 people over; could be a few more because you never know who else may show. A 22 pound bird and fixings. Maybe enough room to sit around the table as well, but that remains to be seen.

Thanksgiving is our big family gathering, my mother in-law hosts Christmas Eve where we all go there, eat finger rolls, do a Yankee Swap and enjoy good times!

Holidays can be stressful but worth the memories. My Mom in-law also does the 4th and Easter. Happy to take one holiday off her hands. Enjoy Turkey Day!